UNESCO Heritage Train ( 0.5 km)

Dream journey without this your trip will not be completed. The British era runs through the mountains and valleys cutting through the mountains entering caves and tunnels across deep high bridges chugging through the dense forests.

SIM’s Park (1.9 km)

This is an unusual park-cum-botanical garden. The park has colorful flowers beds, lawns and rockeries. Naturally occurring trees, shrubs and creepers are in the park as are many unusual species of plants and graceful trees / shrubs likes ARACARIA, QUERCUS, PHOENIX, MAGNOLIA, PINE, TREE FERNS, TURPEXTINE and CAMELLIA) that have been brought in from a variety of places around the world and lend a special charm to the park, especially when they bloom in different seasons throughout the year.

Lamb's Rock (5 km)

Lamb’s rock, also known as Echo Rock is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and is filled with tranquillity.

Dolphin's Nose (10 km)

Vantage point provides a panoramic view of the vast expanse of the Nilgiri Hills and Catherine Falls. The trekking experience from Lady Canning's Seat to Dolphin's Nose is unbeatable, as you get to see wonderful sights as you trek and your adrenaline gushes with every step moving higher.

Droog Fort

was used by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century (13 km)

Law's Falls

waterfall located on the way to Mettupalayam (5 km)

Black Thunder (30 km)

The Asia’s No.1 Water Theme Park is nestled in natural beauty with the green hills of the Nilgiris for a backdrop and the cooling shelter of trees.

Kodanad View Point (38 km)

Kodanad view point offers its visitors the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Hill Mountains and views of the plains. Enjoy the view of Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar from the watch tower located here and the beautiful sunset and mysterious rising mist. North / West of the peak is Rangaswamy pillar, a huge extraordinary isolated detached rock rising in solitary grandeur to a height of about 400 ft.

Catherine Falls and Elk Falls (19.7 km)

Water falls from 250 feet high and is located amidst a thick forest nature magnificent panoramic view of the forests and tea gardens reaching as far as southern blue basins.

Ooty Botanical Gardens (20 km)

This garden was laid out in 1897 by the Marquis of Tweedale and is spread over 55 acres. Lush green, well maintained lawns, rare trees species (like the cork tree which is probably the only such tree in India, the paper bark tree and the monkey puzzle tree-monkeys cannot climb this tree), a 20 million year old fossilized tree, an Italian-style garden bordering a clear pool, a vast variety of flowering bushes and plants in myriad hues (exotic and ornamental), fern house with a vast range of ferns and orchids, are some of the many highlights of this garden.

OOTY Lake (21 km)

The beautiful OOTY Lake is a favorite spot for visitors. The lake covers an area of one and a half square miles, with a railway running along one bank. Paddle and rowing boats are available for rental on this lake.

Sanctuary Avalanche (21 km)

Sanctuary Avalanche is an important tourism destination in The Nilgiris. The lake is surrounded by a rolling landscape with blooming flowers like magnolias, orchids and rhododendrons.

DODABETTA PEAK ( “Big Mountain”) (29.2 km)

Doddabetta Peak (8,650 feet) is the highest point of the Nilgiri Mountains and and is a wonderful trekking spot. A bird's eye view of the entire area grandeur of nature.

Mudumalai National Park (66 km)

This is India's one of the best sanctuaries. Nature has been lavish in providing this sanctuary with thickly wood hills, Plateaus, deep valleys, waterfalls, rivers, marshes and streams. Mudumalai Sanctuary, rich in bio-diversity and dense vegetation, is sandwiched between the Bandipur and Annamalai sanctuaries, and together the three form the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in the Western Ghats. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary has varied mixture of flat land, undulating parkland, open grassland, swamp and valleys.

Rallia Dam (9.5km)

Highfield Tea Factory (2.7 km)

Wellington Gymkhana Club (1.5km)

Ketti Valley View (13.4km)

Emerald Lake (34 km)

Western Catchment (38 km)

Thread Garden (21 km)

Cairn Hill (23.5 km)

Pykara Lake and Pykara Falls (41.6)

Best Time to Visit

March to June - Summer season pleasant weather

July to September - Monsoon season moderate rainfall

November to February- Winter Season

The Nilgiris is a year –round destination and always peak season

Summer Festival in The Nilgiris April 2018- June 2018

  • Flower show
  • Rose show
  • Fruit show
  • Dog show
  • Spice show
  • Vegetable show
  • Boat race and boat pageantry
  • Hot air balloon show
  • Photo competition
  • Painting exhibition
  • A vintage car rally
  • Traditional village festival
  • Badaga’s Hethe Habba
  • Toda tribal festival “Modhwedh
  • Kurumbas & Kotas festivals

What I can buy

  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Fresh / Nature Tea leaf /powder
  • Bakery
  • Spices / Herbal Products
  • Fresh Vegetables & Fruits
  • Cut Flowers
  • Homemade Chocolates
  • Pure Honey
  • Natural Cosmetics

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